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Hiboy Max Pro Electric Scooter Review: Unveiling Performance, Design, and Features

Read our in-depth review of the Hiboy Max Pro Electric Scooter. Discover its performance, features, and compare it to other popular models.

May 17, 2024


If you're in the market for an electric scooter that is both affordable and packed with features, the Hiboy Max Pro is a model you should definitely consider. This review will dive deep into the performance, design, and overall experience of using the Hiboy Max Pro Electric Scooter. We'll also compare it to other popular models such as the Levy Electric Scooter and the Segway Ninebot F25E.


The Hiboy Max Pro boasts a 350W motor that ensures smooth rides even on slightly uphill terrains. With a maximum speed of 18.6 mph and a range of up to 25 miles on a single charge, it offers an impressive performance for daily commutes. The scooter's battery takes around 4-6 hours to recharge fully. Compared to the Zero 10 Pro or the TurboAnt X7 Pro, the Hiboy Max Pro provides a balanced mix of speed and battery life.

Design and Build Quality

In terms of design, the Hiboy Max Pro is equipped with a solid, rugged frame built to withstand daily wear and tear. It features an 8.5-inch solid tire and a dual braking system for added safety. The scooter also has front and rear lights, which are crucial for night rides. Its foldable design makes it easy to carry and store, a practical feature also seen in the Xiaomi Mi 3 Lite and the Hiley Tiger 10.

Features and Technology

The Hiboy Max Pro comes with several modern features, including a digital display showing speed, battery life, and ride mode. The scooter is also Bluetooth enabled, allowing riders to connect to the Hiboy app for additional functionalities such as customizing the speed settings and tracking ride statistics. This feature set is similar to what you might find in higher-end models like the NAVEE N30 or the Joyor X8R.

Ride Comfort

The Hiboy Max Pro offers a comfortable riding experience thanks to its robust suspension system. This is an important aspect to consider, especially when comparing it to other scooters in the same price range, such as the YADEA YD-EM151 or the TurboAnt Thunder T1.


The Hiboy Max Pro is an excellent choice for those looking for a versatile, feature-packed electric scooter. It holds its own against competitors like the Razor Power Core E95 and the Joyor LR8 Pro. Its blend of performance, affordability, and modern features make it a top contender in the market.


  • Affordable

  • Long battery life

  • Bluetooth enabled

  • Strong motor

  • Foldable design**


  • Slightly longer recharge time

  • Solid tires might not be as comfortable on rough terrains**

By considering the factors mentioned in this review, you can determine if the Hiboy Max Pro meets your needs for a reliable and efficient electric scooter.

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