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YADEA ElitePrime Electric Scooter Review: Urban Luxury Made Practical

As I set out to review the YADEA ElitePrime electric scooter, I was intrigued by the promise of a luxurious and plush riding experience combined with the utility of an urban commuter vehicle. After extensive riding and thorough testing, I'm ready to share my findings about this intriguing addition to the growing electric scooter market.

Design and First Impressions

The YADEA ElitePrime is a head-turner, combining modern design with practical features. The sleek aluminum alloy frame exhibits clean lines and a robust build that certainly stands out from the pack. A crucial element of its design is the unique polymer shock suspension placed on single-sided swingarms, both at the front and back wheels. This not only adds to the scooter's eye-catching appearance but contributes significantly to the ride comfort.

Upon delivery, assembly is a straightforward affair. It only requires connecting the cable between the handlebar and the stem, securing the handlebar with a few screws, and charging up before your first venture.

Performance and Speed

Equipped with an 800W motor peaking at 1500W, the ElitePrime has enough power to tackle urban landscapes with ease. Though its top speed adheres to the legal limits set for most urban areas, peaking around 18.6 mph, it has various speed modes: Walk, Drive, Sport, and an X mode that unlocks additional torque for a more exhilarating ride.

The ElitePrime handles slopes impressively, although it does not position itself as an off-road vehicle. Its urban focus is further cemented by its ability to maintain consistent speed even on steeper inclines, ensuring a worry-free commuting experience.

Battery Life and Range

Yadea claims the ElitePrime can hit a range of up to 40 miles, which is quite impressive for an urban scooter. A full charge takes around 7 to 8 hours, which is reasonable given the range on offer. The premium GaN charger with a magnetic connection is a thoughtful touch, making the charging process hassle-free.

Comfort and Handling

With a focus on comfort, the scooter's deck is pleasantly wide and includes a non-slip surface that provides stability even during longer rides. The height of the deck may initially feel different from those who are used to lower stances because of the dual shock setup, but it's a small trade-off for the additional comfort that this system offers.

The ride quality, thanks to the rubber shock absorbers, is smooth, and it affects how the scooter handles bumps and cracks in the pavement. It’s a true joyride; whether it’s gliding over smooth surfaces or navigating uneven roads, the ElitePrime maintains its poise, and the dual disc and drum brakes ensure you're always in control.

Lighting and Safety

When it comes to visibility, YADEA doesn't skimp on features. The ElitePrime's lighting system includes a bright front light, a tail light, and built-in rear turn signals, all contributing to a safer commute. The interactive display on the handlebar is cleverly integrated, offering essential information about speed, battery life, and speed mode at a glance.


Weighing in at 29kg (64lbs), the ElitePrime is not a featherweight. It does fold down for easier transport in a car, and the latch system for folding is secure and intuitive. It may not be the best for those who need to regularly carry their scooter up flights of stairs, but this heft is a testament to its solid build quality and feature set.

The Smart Element

Complementing the physical prowess of the ElitePrime is its companion app that unlocks a myriad of features including cruise control, electronic lock, and remote diagnostics. The app significantly enhances the scooter's capabilities and personalizes the experience for the rider.

Final Verdict

The YADEA ElitePrime electric scooter is indeed a luxury vehicle in the scooter world. It strikes an exquisite balance between style, performance, and comfort. The attention to detail, from the magnetic charging port to the app-integrated features, is commendable.

That said, it is priced at a premium, reflecting its high-end status. If you dwell in urban environments and desire a scooter that's a cut above in terms of ride quality and design sophistication, the YADEA ElitePrime is hard to beat.


  • Premium design with a stylized suspension system

  • Impressive range per charge

  • Multiple speed modes with additional torque on demand

  • Full lighting system for safety

  • Solid build with plush ride comfort


  • Premium price point

  • Heavier than many other scooters, impacting portability

  • Limited off-road capability by design

At its heart, the YADEA ElitePrime is perfect for those who value both form and function and are willing to invest in a premium product for their daily commute or leisurely rides through the cityscape.

Price: $1,499.00
Where to buy: Yadea official website and Amazon

Sample of this product was provided by Yadea for review purposes.

6-Month Update: Ownership Experiences with the YADEA ElitePrime

Having used the YADEA ElitePrime for over six months, I have observed several points that users may find valuable when considering this model for long-term use.

Durability and Maintenance: The scooter has held up well against daily use in urban conditions. The build quality remains impeccable, with no significant signs of wear on the frame or mechanical issues. Regular maintenance, mainly cleaning and occasional tightening of screws, has kept it in good shape.

Battery Longevity: The battery performance has slightly degraded, which is expected for lithium-ion batteries but has not significantly impacted the range for daily commutes. I've observed a 5-10% reduction in maximum range under similar usage conditions.

Ride Experience Over Time: The dual shock system continues to offer excellent comfort on varied urban terrains. However, I have noticed a slight squeak from the rear suspension system when going over larger bumps, which may require attention soon.

Smart Features Usability: The app’s functionality has been reliable, providing helpful diagnostics and updates. It’s a feature that has grown on me, making routine checks and customizations much easier than anticipated.

Customer Support: Yadea's customer service has been helpful with inquiries. They were prompt and provided clear guidance on care and minor adjustments, enhancing the ownership experience.

Additional Insights: It's noteworthy that while the scooter performs admirably on city streets, its weight still poses a challenge for frequent transport like taking it up stairs or on public transit.

Overall: The YADEA ElitePrime continues to impress with its robust performance and design. It has proven to be a reliable urban commuting partner, albeit with a few manageable quirks over time. Its premium build and features feel justifiable for the price, especially for those prioritizing comfort and style in an electric scooter.

This extended use has solidified my positive outlook on the ElitePrime, appreciating its consistency in performance and build quality. For anyone looking for a dependable, stylish, and comfortable electric scooter, the YADEA ElitePrime remains a top contender in its category.

Rear Disc Brake



Miles Range

10 in Pneumatic

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