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GoTrax G3 Electric Scooter Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

Discover the features, performance, pros, and cons of the GoTrax G3 electric scooter in our in-depth review. Is it the right e-scooter for you?

May 18, 2024


In the ever-growing market of electric scooters, the GoTrax G3 is creating quite a buzz. Known for its affordability and impressive features, it is an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced riders. In this comprehensive review, we'll dive deep into the specs, performance, pros, and cons of the GoTrax G3 electric scooter to help you decide if it's worth your money.

Key Features

  • Speed & Range: The GoTrax G3 can reach top speeds of 15.5 mph and offers a range of up to 14 miles on a single charge, making it perfect for short commutes and casual rides.

  • Build Quality: It features a robust aluminum frame, ensuring durability over long-term usage. The scooter can handle a maximum load of 220 lbs.

  • Battery & Charging: Equipped with a 36V 6.5aH battery, the GoTrax G3 can be fully charged in about 4 hours.

  • Braking System: It comes with an efficient regenerative braking system coupled with a rear disc brake for enhanced safety.

  • Ride Comfort: The 8.5-inch pneumatic tires offer a smooth ride on various terrains, from city streets to slightly rough paths.


Speed and Acceleration

While 15.5 mph might not be the fastest compared to high-end models like the YADEA KS5 Pro or the Ninebot E22E by Segway, it is more than sufficient for daily commutes and leisurely rides. The acceleration is smooth and responsive, providing a reliable riding experience even for new riders.


With a range of up to 14 miles, the GoTrax G3 is perfect for short to medium commutes. This makes it a great option for running errands or quick trips around the city.

Battery Life

The battery life of the GoTrax G3 is commendable for its price range. The 36V 6.5aH battery ensures that you can get the most out of your rides without frequent charging interruptions.

Comparison With Other Models

When compared with other scooters in its price range, the GoTrax G3 stands out for its balance of affordability and features. While it may not offer the high speed and extended range of models like the Zero 11X Black Edition or the Levy Electric Scooter, it excels in providing a reliable, budget-friendly option for everyday use.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable: One of the most budget-friendly options in the market.

  • Solid Build: Durable and robust construction ensures longevity.

  • Smooth Ride: Pneumatic tires offer comfort on various terrains.

  • Quick Charging: Fully charges in about 4 hours.


  • Limited Range: Not suitable for long-distance commuting.

  • Moderate Speed: Limited to 15.5 mph, which might not be enough for thrill-seekers.


The GoTrax G3 electric scooter offers an exceptional balance of affordability, durability, and performance. While it may not match the premium features of high-end models like the Segway Ninebot F25E or the Zero 10 Pro, it is a reliable and cost-effective option for everyday use. If you’re looking for an electric scooter that won't break the bank, the GoTrax G3 is well worth considering.

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