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Zero 11X Black Edition


Zero 11X Black Edition









Zero 11X Black Edition Electric Scooter Review


Falling into the category of ultra-performance electric scooters, the Zero 11X Black Edition is anything but subtle. From its towering stance to the formidable power it holds within, this is a sensation for enthusiasts ready to embrace extreme speed and beard-flapping accelerations. If scooters had a wild side, the Zero 11X would be leading the pack.

Design and Build

With a muscular, robust appearance, the Zero 11X instantly communicates its intentions. A blend of anodized black metal with strategic red accents offers an aesthetic that is both alluring and intimating. We’re looking at a 6082-T6 alloy aviation-grade frame and handle, with a SCM440 shaft providing strength and durability. But don't be misled by its intentions of power; a polished design ensures it remains sleek while beastly.

The Framework

The dual-tube design of the 11X’s stem is not just for looks. It provides a strong resistance to flex and any unwanted lateral movement, thus eliminating the dreaded stem wobble. The entire framing is solid, with oversized swingarms, hefty bolts, and an encompassing sense of durability that you would demand from a scooter of its caliber.

Deck and Footplate

The deck is vast with over two and a half feet in length, exceedingly more generous than usual, offering riders the liberty to find their comfortable stance. The rear, metal footplate not only supports aggressive riding stances but doubles as a sturdy rear mudguard.


Make no mistake, the Zero 11X isn't just strong on paper. Dual hub BLDC motors with a peak output of 5600W deliver jaw-dropping power that pushes the boundaries of what one expects from an electric scooter. Its acceleration is uncanny, and it can handle inclines that make other scooters quiver. With a tyre-spinning torque, this scooter dares its rider to push its limits.

Speed and Acceleration

The Zero 11X blasts off with a top speed that exceeds 60+ mph, situating it squarely among the fastest scooters on the market. The acceleration begs for prudent use, as it surges from a stand-still to full-speed in a heartbeat, and the feeling is nothing short of exhilarating.

Range and Battery

Outfitted with a hefty 72V – 31.5Ah battery, usually powered by LG or Samsung cells, the 11X claims a staggering range of 80-90 miles under ideal conditions. However, practical use with mixed riding styles will deliver a reliable 25-50 mile range, tailored heavily by rider behavior, terrain, and power settings.


Portability is a minor concession for prospective 11X riders. Weighing an eye-watering 110 lbs (53kg), this scooter was designed to dominate terrains, not to be toted around. Its folding mechanisms are robust and secure but lifting this behemoth requires significant effort and isn’t practical for frequent carriage.

Comfort and Ride Quality

What the 11X sacrifices in portability, it compensates with exceptional ride quality. Its impressive suspension system, leveraging front and rear single shocks, ensures a ride that glides over bumps with finesse. The scooter’s stability is unmatched, promising confidence during high-speed escapades.

Lighting and Visibility

Equipped with a dual front LED setup and rear LED lights, visibility is adequately addressed. The stem lighting enhances the overall aura of the 11X while offering practical illumination. Riders won’t find themselves seeking after-market solutions for nocturnal rides.

Braking System

The hydraulic brakes with ABS standard and 160mm disks provide a responsive and reliable stopping mechanism. Its heft and speed demand nothing less than a robust braking system, and the 11X fulfills this requirement with grace. Braking is intuitive and allows for precision even in surprise stops.

Final Thoughts

The Zero 11X Black Edition isn't just an electric scooter; it's an adrenaline-charged, pavement-consuming experience. This isn't for the faint-hearted nor the inexperienced rider. But for those with a penchant for unadulterated power and embrace the heavyweight category of scooters, the 11X offers a unique blend of might, range, and design sophistication. It stands as a titan among the electric scooter lineup, bestowing upon its rider the crown of the road, albeit with a weighty scepter. With this in mind, the Zero 11X Black Edition receives a towering review for those seeking a titan of the electric scooter world.

Six Months Ownership Update

After owning the Zero 11X Black Edition for over half a year, the true extent of both its virtues and its drawbacks have come into sharper focus. Here’s an account based on continued usage:

Positive Attributes

  • Durability: Despite vigorous use, the scooter has held up impressively well. The frame and suspension continue to withstand the rigors of high-speed travel with minimal maintenance required.

  • Performance Consistency: The explosive power of the scooter is as responsive today as when it was first unboxed. It continues to climb steep terrains with ease and the battery life has not shown significant degradation.

Negative Attributes

  • Weight Issues: As anticipated, the sheer weight of the 11X continues to pose challenges, particularly when transporting it or navigating stairs. It remains less than ideal for those who may need to carry their scooter regularly.

  • Complexity for New Users: The 11X can be quite intense for newcomers or for those transitioning from a more conventional electric scooter. The learning curve is steep and demands respect and caution, especially at high speeds.

Overall Reflections

The Zero 11X Black Edition continues to be an exceptional machine for the right audience. It demands and delivers much, not just in terms of speed and power but also in the involvement required from the rider. Its market remains distinctly niche, appealing especially to those who are looking for extreme performance and are prepared to handle its formidable nature daily.

Rear Disc Brake



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10 in Pneumatic

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