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ZERO 9 Electric Scooter: The Urbanite's Ideal Companion

The ZERO 9 Electric Scooter, with its blend of speed, range, and portability, targets urban commuters seeking the sweet spot between efficiency and excitement. Zero has engineered a scooter that not only captivates with its sleek design but also performs admirably on city streets.

Performance and Ride Experience

Speed and Acceleration

With a top speed of 24 mph, the ZERO 9 delivers a brisk yet manageable velocity for urban environments. Its 600W motor, peaking at 1200W, endows it with a solid and smooth acceleration curve. This scooter hits 15 mph in about 4.2 seconds, which is commendable for a single-motor configuration.

Hill Climbing

The ZERO 9 approaches inclines with a solid sense of purpose, capable of tackling upward slopes of around 15 degrees without much difficulty. Although steeper gradients might slow it down, for the average city dweller, the hill-climbing ability will suffice.


Equipped with a 624 watt-hour LG battery, the ZERO 9 boasts a realistic range of 21.7 miles per charge. While this is based on riding in ideal conditions with a 165 lb rider, it's generally more than enough for daily commuting needs.


Safety is paramount, and the ZERO 9 doesn't disappoint. Featuring a combination of front disc and rear drum brakes, it provides solid and reliable stopping power. A rapid and smooth braking distance of just 10.2 feet from 15 mph places it well above average when it comes to security.

Ride Quality

Riding on large 8.5-inch pneumatic tires equipped with a dual-spring suspension system, the ZERO 9 delivers a comfortable ride that keeps you in control even on patchy urban roads. The balance of stiffness and responsiveness from the suspension system is designed for man-made surfaces, providing a ride that absorbs the vibrations and bumps for a smoother experience.

Design and Build


The ZERO 9 utilizes a tri-folding system that includes a solid folding handlebar mechanism and an adjustable and telescopic stem, allowing for a compact folded size that fits into small car trunks with ease. Weighing in at 40 lb, it remains manageable for occasional carrying up stairs or onto public transport.


With a robust design featuring eye-catching LED strips running along the deck and stem, the ZERO 9 holds an aesthetic appeal alongside practical design choices. The 20.5-inch by 7.7-inch deck offers generous space for a comfortable stance, contributing to a ride enveloped in style and substance.


The scooter rides on sizeable 8.5-inch pneumatic innertube tires which not only cushion your ride but enhance safety by making it easier to navigate over minor road imperfections.


ZERO 9's build quality reflects Zero's evolution in the electric scooter market, with heavy bolts and stamped metal parts assuring enduring stability. Apart from periodic tightenings required for the handlebars, the ZERO 9 promises a rattle-free and reliable ride.

Extra Features


The cockpit display LED is streamlined, providing essential information such as speed, "gear," odometer, and battery status. Adjustments to ride settings like regenerative braking strength and acceleration can be managed through various P-settings, granting you control over your riding experience.


Visibility during night rides is boosted thanks to the abundant and well-placed LED lighting, from the luminous strips running up the stem to the ground effects along the deck. However, the headlight and tail lights' low mounting position suggest the addition of extra lighting, especially for poorly lit paths.


Balancing style, performance, and portability, the ZERO 9 Electric Scooter shines as an ideal option for the city commuter. While the design begins to show its age against newer models in the market, its features, especially in safety and build quality, maintain its status as a preferred choice for many. If you're seeking an electric scooter that promises a blend of enjoyable riding experience and day-to-day practicality, the ZERO 9 stands as a compelling candidate.

Technical Specifications

  • Tested Top Speed: 28.4 mph

  • Water Resistance: None

  • Max Rider Weight: 220 lb

  • Weight: 41.4 lb

  • Tested Range: 21.7 mi

  • Acceleration: 4.2 s

Performance tests are based on independent tests and may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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Owner Update After 6 Months

After owning the ZERO 9 for over six months, it's become clear how this scooter stands the test of regular urban use.


  • Reliability: The ZERO 9's consistent performance through daily commutes has instilled confidence in its reliability. No unexpected failures have been encountered, and the battery health remains strong.

  • Comfort in Regular Use: The suspension system continues to shine by providing a superior ride quality on a variety of city terrains, proving invaluable in cities with less-than-perfect road conditions.

  • Ease of Maintenance: Basic maintenance tasks like tire pressure adjustments and brake checks are straightforward and quick.


  • Weight Considerations: While initially manageable, the 40 lb weight can still be cumbersome for frequent carrying or when navigating public transportation.

  • Brake Wear: The brake pads have needed replacement more frequently than anticipated, likely due to the stop-and-go nature of city riding.

  • Minor Squeaks and Rattles: Over time, some parts have developed minor squeaks and rattles, although these have generally been fixable with basic tightening and adjustments.

Overall, the ZERO 9 has proven to be a reliable urban commuting partner, offering a blend of durability, performance, and comfort. Its few drawbacks are common in portable electric vehicles and have not detracted significantly from its overall utility and enjoyment.

Rear and Front Drum Brake


Miles Range

8 in Solid Tire

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