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Zero 9 Electric Scooter Review: A Year of Riding Experience

Weight and Portability: Weighing in at 40 lbs, the Zero 9 is reasonably lightweight, making it a suitable choice for commuters. It can support a rider weight of up to 220 lbs, which, while standard for many scooters, is somewhat less than some of its competitors like the Apollo City and VSETT 8R that support up to 265 lbs​​. The folding functionality of the scooter is a significant plus, especially for those who need to carry it in public transportation or store it in small spaces. The folding handlebars and adjustable telescopic stem contribute to its compactness when folded down​​.

Assembly and Setup: The Zero 9 arrives fully assembled. However, it's crucial to check the tightness of its nuts and bolts and ensure the tires are properly inflated. Spending some time understanding the QS-S4 display and its settings can greatly enhance the customizability and control you have over the scooter​​.

Ride Quality and Comfort: The scooter offers a dependable and comfortable ride, thanks to its front and rear suspension and decent-sized pneumatic tires. These elements help in absorbing the impact of urban terrains. However, it's better suited for well-maintained roads and sidewalks, as it can struggle with larger impacts on rougher surfaces​​​​.

Speed and Acceleration: The Zero 9 boasts a top speed of 24 mph, placing it in the mid to lower range in its price category. Its acceleration, while satisfactory, is not as swift as some dual-motor competitors like the VSETT 9+​​​​.

Range: Offering a maximum range of 25 miles on a single charge under ideal conditions, the realistic mileage in full power mode is around 18 miles. This range is adequate for daily commutes but falls short when compared to some other models in its price range like the VSETT 8R​​​​.

Hill Climbing: The Zero 9 can handle hills with up to a 15-degree incline, which is standard for its category but not as capable as some high-performance models​​​​.

Shock Absorption / Suspension: The suspension system, comprising front and rear springs, effectively insulates against vibrations on smooth surfaces but can feel stiff on rougher terrain. The pneumatic tires offer an additional layer of shock absorption​​.

Braking: The scooter is equipped with a front disc and a rear drum brake, providing a strong and reliable braking system. It comes to a complete stop from 15 mph in a very respectable distance, which is a testament to its safety features​​​​.

Charge Time: Charging the Zero 9 takes about 6-8 hours with the standard charger, but this time can be halved with the purchase of a fast charger​​.

Display and Controls: The QS-S4 throttle display allows for a range of customizations, including adjusting the strength of regenerative brakes and acceleration. It provides essential information like speed, battery life, and total mileage​​​​.

Lighting: The Zero 9 stands out with its LED lighting setup, featuring strips along the stem and deck. However, the low-mounted headlight may not provide sufficient illumination for safe night riding, necessitating additional lighting​​​​.

Additional Features: The telescopic stem is a valuable feature, allowing for height adjustment and enhancing portability. There's also an optional seat attachment for added comfort. The handlebars are sturdy but may require occasional tightening​​.

Deck: The deck is spacious, offering enough room for comfort, even for riders with larger feet. It also has ample ground clearance for urban commuting​​.

Build Quality: The Zero 9 is well-built and durable, with a design that has evolved over several iterations. Notably, it uses high-quality LG batteries, contributing to its solid performance​​.

Conclusion: The Zero 9 is a well-rounded electric scooter, offering a balance of comfort, portability, and performance. Its limitations in weight capacity and slightly less competitive range and speed in its price range might be a concern for some users. Still, for a price under $1200, it provides a reliable and enjoyable ride suitable for daily use​​.

Update After 6+ Months of Usage:

After over six months of frequent use, the Zero 9 continues to stand up well to the demands of daily commuting. The durability of the scooter is noteworthy, with all components from the handlebars to the battery maintaining good functionality and minimal degradation.

However, several long-term users have noticed a gradual decrease in battery efficiency, which is common in electric scooters but seems to be slightly more pronounced in the Zero 9. This reduces the maximum range slightly over prolonged use. Users should consider routine battery health checks and potential replacement strategies to offset this issue.

On the positive side, the comfort and handling of the scooter have been consistently praised. The suspension system, although slightly stiff on rougher terrains, continues to provide adequate shock absorption on city streets, contributing to a smooth riding experience.

A few riders have reported loose components, such as the handlebars and bolts, needing occasional tightening—highlighting the importance of regular maintenance checks. The lighting system, though aesthetically pleasing, still poses a challenge for night riding, and additional portable lights are recommended for safety.

Overall, the Zero 9 has proven to be a reliable companion for urban mobility, delivering solid performance aligned with its price range. Regular maintenance and careful handling can mitigate most issues, ensuring the scooter remains a valuable asset for daily commutes.




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