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Zero 8X Electric Scooter Review

As an enthusiast always on the lookout for a robust, high-performance urban commuting option, the Zero 8X electric scooter caught my eye with its promises of power and portability. After intensive rides and putting it through various city scenarios, here's my detailed breakdown of this electric scooter.

Build and Design:

The Zero 8X doesn't skimp on construction. Its sizable and sturdy aluminum alloy frame feels robust, paired with a pair of 8-inch solid tires that resist punctures—a vital feature when navigating treacherous city debris. The deck, covered with a gripping material, adds to the sense of security, reducing slipping hazards in wet conditions.

The folding mechanism is a standout feature—a quick and secure folding system makes it compact enough for public transport or storing under your office desk. However, at 33 kg (73 lbs), it's not the lightest scooter, so carrying it for extended periods isn't recommended.


The real test of an electric scooter lies in its performance, and the Zero 8X doesn't disappoint. Dual 800W motors provide a combined 1600W of power, which propels this beast to a top speed of 55 km/h (34 mph)—speeds that require responsible handling and proper safety gear.

With a climbing grade of 25 degrees, steep hills in my neighborhood were surmounted effortlessly, saving both time and sweat compared to less potent scooters. Regarding range, the 18Ah battery comfortably delivers 50-75 km (31-46 miles), depending on ride conditions—a good distance for varied commutes.

However, it's not all rosy; this power comes with a longer recharge time. Expect to leave the scooter plugged in for 8-9 hours, which may require some planning around your commute.

Ride and Comfort:

The dual spring shocks at both the front and rear work tirelessly to dampen the vibrations from uneven terrain, making for a surprisingly cushioned ride for a scooter with solid tires. And these solid tires mean saying goodbye to flats—a frequent downside of urban scootering.

The steering damper adds stability at high speeds, and when combined with the scooter's hefty frame, results in a secure, grounded feeling, especially when cornering. However, new riders should practice and get used to the heft before attempting higher speeds or aggressive maneuvers.


When it comes to stopping power, the hydraulic brake system on the Zero 8X reassures with its responsiveness. The brakes engage smoothly, providing controlled deceleration and bringing the scooter to a stop efficiently, crucial for a machine capable of such speeds.

Features and User Experience:

The integrated lighting system, including front, side, and rear lights, adds to safety, making night riding safer. Still, for those midnight rides, I would recommend additional lighting for better visibility.

I appreciate the clear LCD display that shows speed, distance, and battery level. While simplistic, it provides all the necessary information at a glance.

The Zero 8X is not without its quirks; it has its weight to contend with, plus, the solid tires, though puncture-proof, can't quite match the cushioning effect of air-filled counterparts.


In summary, the Zero 8X electric scooter is an excellent option for the serious commuter who values speed, durability, and doesn't mind the trade-off in portability due to its weight. It's built like a tank, accelerates like a sports car, and has enough battery to keep you going for days of urban travel. Whether it's maneuvering through city traffic or cruising on open pathways, the Zero 8X stands out as a reliable, fun, and efficient mode of transportation.


  • Robust construction and solid build quality.

  • Powerful dual motors suitable for steep inclines.

  • Good range on a single charge.

  • Effective dual spring shock suspension system.

  • Responsive hydraulic braking system.


  • Heavy and not easily portable for long distances.

  • Long recharge time.

  • Solid tires provide less cushioning compared to pneumatic tires.

Would I recommend the Zero 8X? Absolutely, to the seasoned rider looking for a high-performance electric scooter that can navigate an urban environment with power and style. However, for those prioritizing portability or with a lighter commute, there might be more suitable options out there.

Update After Over 6 Months of Use:

Having owned and extensively ridden the Zero 8X for over half a year, the scooter has largely lived up to its robust and high-performing reputation. Over this period, the durability of the construction has stood out. Despite frequent use, the scooter's frame and components have held up well against daily wear and tear, reinforcing its build quality.

Performance-wise, the battery has retained its efficiency admirably, continuing to offer substantial range without noticeable degradation. This is crucial for maintaining the scooter as a reliable commuting option. However, a persistent challenge has been the weight; it continues to make carrying the scooter upstairs or on public transport less convenient.

Ride comfort remains superior with the spring shock system still effectively smoothing out most bumps. That said, the solid tires, while eliminating the concern of flats, contribute to a rougher ride on poorly maintained city streets. This is an ongoing trade-off between convenience and comfort.

On the maintenance side, the Zero 8X has been relatively low-maintenance, requiring only regular cleaning and occasional adjustments to the brakes and alignment. This simplicity in upkeep has been a significant positive.

While my overall experience has been positive, potential buyers should weigh the pros and cons related to weight and portability against the scooter's excellent performance and durability. For those prepared for its heft, the Zero 8X continues to be a commendable choice for a high-powered urban scooter.

Remember always to wear a helmet, and happy scooting!




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