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Review of Zero 8 Electric Scooter


Speed and Acceleration:
The Zero 8, powered by a 500W motor, offers a top speed of around 22-23 MPH. It accelerates to 15 MPH in about 4.9 seconds, which feels quick, although not the fastest in the market. For an entry-level scooter, its pace is quite satisfactory.

Hill Climbing:
It handles inclines well, a feature especially useful for heavier riders. The motor is robust enough to tackle steep hills without significant speed loss, making it practical for varied urban landscapes.

Battery and Range:

The Zero 8 is equipped with a 624 Wh lithium-ion battery, providing a range of approximately 20-25 miles. This makes it suitable for short to medium-length commutes. The battery performance remains stable even at lower charge levels, which is a notable advantage over some competitors.

Ride Quality:

It features both front and rear suspension systems. The front has a spring shock absorber, and the rear is equipped with a twin hydraulic suspension. This setup helps mitigate the impact of bumps and irregularities, although the solid rear tire can make the ride feel somewhat bumpy.

The scooter comes with an 8.5-inch pneumatic front tire and a solid rear tire. The front tire enhances the suspension's effectiveness, but the solid rear tire can be less forgiving on rough surfaces.

Build Quality and Safety:

The Zero 8 is solidly built, reflecting Zero's reputation for quality. All the adjustable and foldable joints feel sturdy and reliable.

It features a robust, cable-activated rear drum brake. While effective, the single brake system might not offer optimal stopping power at higher speeds, especially given the solid rear tire.

Weather Resistance:
One notable limitation is its lack of waterproofing, making it less suitable for riding in wet conditions.


Weighing around 40 pounds, the Zero 8 strikes a balance between portability and robustness. It features a foldable handlebar and stem, which makes it compact enough to fit into narrow spaces like car trunks or public transport.

Additional Features:

The cockpit design is user-friendly with an LCD displaying speed, battery level, and other essential metrics. Adjustable handlebar height adds to the comfort. However, the scooter's lights, while present, might not be sufficient for safe night-time riding, and additional lighting could be necessary.

Warranty and Support:

RevRides offers a 12-month warranty on the Zero 8, covering manufacturing errors. However, it's important to note that this warranty doesn't include water damage or general wear and tear.


The Zero 8 electric scooter stands out as a well-rounded option in its category. Its combination of good speed, effective suspension, and solid build quality make it a strong contender for both commuters and leisure riders. While it has some limitations in terms of braking efficiency and weather resistance, its overall performance and portability offer great value, especially for those new to electric scooters or with medium-length commuting needs.

Update after 6+ Months of Usage

Having owned the Zero 8 for over six months now, the experience has provided deeper insights into both its capabilities and challenges.

Positive Attributes:

  • Durability: The scooter's build quality has indeed withstood the test of time and usage. There have been no significant mechanical breakdowns.

  • Battery Longevity: The battery's performance continues to impress, with degradation minimal enough not to impact the daily commute seriously.

  • User Experience: The ease of use remains a highlight, with the foldable mechanism still functioning smoothly, making it as practical and portable as day one.

Negative Attributes:

  • Solid Rear Tire Issues: The solid rear tire, while reducing maintenance, has shown limits in providing comfort on rougher urban terrain. The impact on viaducts and potholes is noticeable and sometimes uncomfortable.

  • Lighting: As initially suspected, the lighting provided has proved insufficient for safe riding in poorly lit areas. Supplemental lighting was indeed necessary for night riding.

  • Brake Wear: The rear drum brake has required more maintenance than anticipated. Regular adjustments have become necessary to keep it in optimal working condition, highlighting a possibly higher-than-average wear rate.

In conclusion, the Zero 8 remains a solidly recommended option for urban commuters. While it represents a considerable initial investment, the scooter's performance, in terms of both functionality and durability, justifies the price for those who prioritize quality and reliability in their daily transit options.




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