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Zero 10X Electric Scooter Review: Unleashing Speed and Versatility

As I unwrapped the Zero 10X scooter, an undeniably eager sensation washed over me. Marketed as one of the upper echelon's high-performance electric scooters, the Zero 10X promised both raw power and the flexibility to conquer a diverse range of terrains. I was about to find out if this beast lived up to the hype.

Built for the Adrenaline Junkie

Upon my first encounter, the Zero 10X felt like a formidable machine. Its robust frame, extensive deck, and formidable 10-inch pneumatic tires all shouted with a single purpose: unrelenting power and durability. Weighing in at approximately 80 lbs (36.3 kg), this scooter is not for the faint of heart. It's designed for the thrill-seeker who demands performance and isn't deterred by a little extra weight.

Dual Motors: The Heart of the Beast

Powering the Zero 10X are dual 1000W motors, 1600W each at peak performance, capable of thrusting the scooter to a manufacturer-claimed top speed of up to 40 mph (64 km/h). However, individual performance can vary depending on specific model variants, rider weight, and terrain conditions.

The true beauty lies in the way these motors can be controlled. With an easy flip of the switch, riders can glide in the energy-efficient ECO mode using a single motor, or crank it to TURBO mode, engaging both motors for that intoxicating surge of acceleration.

Riding the Zero 10X, I experienced a cocktail of smooth accelerations and heart-pumping speeds. The ease with which it climbs steep inclines is nothing short of impressive, causing me to marvel at its torque.

Unyielding Suspension and Adjustable Comfort

The dual spring hydraulic suspension on both the front and rear wheels is nothing less than a piece of marvel. The ride quality on urban streets is splendid: potholes, uneven patches, and usual urban rubble are merely an afterthought. Switching to off-road trails, the Zero 10X embraced the wild paths with equal panache, thanks to its pliant suspension and wide tires that provide a stable, yet exhilarating, ride.

Adjustable settings for the suspension stiffness cater to the individual's comfort, whether it’s higher clearance for the rough paths or a lower, more sports-car-like feeling for the city roads.

Safety and Stopping Power

The Zero 10X is outfitted with front and rear disc brakes that deliver formidable stopping power. The hydraulic options in some variants allow for effortless and responsive braking that can bring the scooter to a standstill from 15 mph in just about 3 meters.

An aspect I can't stress enough is the importance of safety when commanding such speeds - it's imperative to gear up with a quality helmet and protective equipment.

Range and Efficiency

The advertised range of the Zero 10X is 35–40 miles (56–64 km), but in my tests, riding aggressively in TURBO mode with dual motors on, the range dipped to approximately 20 miles (32 km). For riders seeking to maximize distance, the single motor mode significantly extends the range, getting much closer to the advertised stats.

Lighting The Path

Visibility is crucial, especially on such a swift scooter. The Zero 10X sports deck-mounted lights on the front and rear, both aesthetically pleasing and functional. However, the lower placement of these lights might limit significant foresight on darker trails and roads. Supplemental handlebar-mounted lights or a high-positioned headlight can address this for riders who often journey after sunset.

The Verdict

The Zero 10X is designed for the enthusiastic rider who ventures for speed, durability, and the versatility to oscillate between the urban jungle and the earthy aroma of off-road trails. With top-notch build quality, robust suspension, substantial power, and an array of customizable options, it represents a significant investment in the upper-tier segment of electric scooters.

Whether it's for an adrenaline-infused thrill ride or a practical yet spirited way to navigate the daily commute, the Zero 10X is, quite categorically, a thrilling machine that fires on all cylinders. It's rugged yet sophisticated; it's a fuel for the speed hungry, and a testament to electric innovation.

6-Month Update: Living with the Zero 10X

After more than 6 months of regular use, the Zero 10X continues to be a power player in my daily routine. Here’s a breakdown of my extended experience with the scooter.

Positives Reaffirmed:

The dual motor setup remains a standout feature, delivering robust power and exhilarating speeds consistently. The suspension system, crucial for a comfortable ride, continues to perform admirably across various terrains, handling bumps and lumps with ease.

Encountered Challenges:

Over time, maintaining the scooter has posed some challenges. The tires, while durable, do require regular pressure checks and occasional replacements due to wear and tear from frequent use. Battery life has also shown some decline, which is expected, but it does impact the range more noticeably when in TURBO mode.

Practical Aspects:

The weight of the scooter, while contributing to its stable ride, also makes it somewhat cumbersome for daily commutes, especially when carrying it over stairs or into public transportation. Storage can also be a bit of an issue given its larger frame.

Overall Reflection:

Living with the Zero 10X has mostly been a joy. It has proven to be a reliable and thrilling companion for both leisure rides and practical commuting. Those considering this scooter should weigh its performance capabilities against its heft and maintenance needs. It remains a top recommendation for anyone looking for a high-performance electric scooter with the caveat of its few manageable downsides.

The Zero 10X continues to be an impressive machine that caters well to both my love for speed and my practical needs for daily commuting.

Rear Disc Brake



Miles Range

10 in Pneumatic

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