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Zero 10X Electric Scooter Review: Speed Thrills!

Electric scooters have increasingly become a preferred mode of urban transport. When it comes to combining speed, power, and ruggedness into a single package, few match the prowess of the Zero 10X. Let's break down what makes the Zero 10X a popular ride among e-scooter enthusiasts.

Performance Like No Other

Under the hood, or rather under the deck, the Zero 10X is a beast. Boasting dual 1000W motors that peak at 3200 watts, this scooter can reach eye-watering top speeds of up to 65 km/h. Whether you're shooting up hills or sprinting on flat ground, the Zero 10X does so with authoritative ease.

Its dual motor setup allows you to switch from a single to a dual-drive, further offering a choice between efficiency and raw power. The ECO mode extends the battery life and is perfect for those looking to enjoy a more leisurely ride without draining the battery. Flip it to TURBO mode and unleash the full capacity of those motors for a thrilling ride.

Range and Battery

Powered by a hefty 52V or 60V lithium battery, the scooter offers a substantial range. On a full charge under eco conditions, you can expect a range of up to 110 km, far surpassing many competitors in this aspect and providing ample distance for longer commutes or adventures.

Comfort on Any Terrain

The Zero 10X doesn't compromise on comfort, thanks to its front and rear spring hydraulic suspension. Originally designed for off-road, this system makes it adept at handling urban potholes and rough terrain alike. The large 10-inch pneumatic tires contribute to this comfortable ride, offering both shock absorption and superior traction.

Safety and Control

No review would be complete without addressing the issue of safety. The scooter is equipped with hydraulic brakes, which provide reliable stopping power commensurate with the 10X's high-speed potential. On the 23Ah version, both front and rear disc brakes ensure you can come to a halt quickly and safely.

Built to Last

Zero scooters are known for their durability, and the 10X is no exception. Its sturdy design features a 20.5-inch x 7.7-inch deck that's spacious enough for stability and comfort. Despite its ruggedness, the Zero 10X maintains a sleek aesthetic with a minimalistic design free from exposed cabling.

Lighting the Way

Visibility is crucial, and the Zero 10X has you covered with integrated front and rear LED lights. While they are mounted lower than on some other scooters, they still provide enough illumination for night rides. For added visibility, we recommend augmenting with higher-placed lights.

Specifications Snapshot

  • Top Speed: Up to 65 km/h

  • Range: Up to 110 km (ECO mode)

  • Motor Power: Dual 1000W motors, 3200W peak

  • Battery: 52V/60V options

  • Weight: 35 kg

  • Max Load: 120 kg

  • Brakes: Front and rear hydraulic brakes

  • Wheels: 10-inch pneumatic

  • Suspension: Front and rear spring hydraulic

  • Warranty: 6 months Limited Warranty

Six-Month Ownership Experience Update

After more than six months using the Zero 10X, I’ve had plenty of time to thoroughly assess this powerful machine in a variety of conditions. Here’s my rundown of the ownership experience, including both plusses and potential drawbacks.


  • Robust Performance: The dual motors continue to impress with their capacity for quick acceleration and sustained high speeds. It’s reliable on many terrains and the battery life remains robust despite frequent use in TURBO mode.

  • Durability: The 10X's sturdy build has held up well. It still feels solid and safe, a testament to the quality materials and construction. There's minimal wear and tear, which isn't always the case with some e-scooters after months of regular use.

  • Comfort Throughout Rides: The hydraulic suspension system consistently buffers against rough surfaces, making extended journeys comfortable. Pneumatic tires have also maintained their integrity, supporting distributed weight and smooth handling.


  • Portability: Weighing at 35 kg, it's not the easiest scooter to carry around. If your daily routine involves multiple modes of transport, this might be a consideration.

  • Bulkier Size: Its large footprint is great for a stable ride but can be cumbersome in tight, crowded spaces.

  • Charging Time: Although the battery delivers impressive range, it takes a significant amount of time to charge fully. A faster charging option would be a welcome enhancement.

Overall, the Zero 10X has lived up to most of its promises with solid performance and durability. While it could improve in terms of portability and charging efficiency, it remains an excellent choice for anyone seeking a high-performance e-scooter for mixed urban and rougher terrains.

Ready to accelerate your commute? The Zero 10X might just be the thrill you're seeking.

Happy and safe riding!

Rear Disc Brake



Miles Range

10 in Pneumatic

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