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Zero 10X Electric Scooter Review: The On and Off-Road Beast

The Zero 10X is a scooter that's not just solidly built, but is also designed to handle both city streets and less forgiving terrain with ease. Its big deck, top-tier suspension, and powerful dual 1000-watt motors make it a high-performance electric scooter that’s truly in a league of its own.

Zero 10X


  • Plush suspension comparable to a Cadillac

  • Impressive power, range, and speed for its class

  • Durable build suitable for varying terrains


  • Weight may be too heavy for frequent lifting

  • No water resistance stated by the manufacturer

Technical Specifications

  • Tested Top Speed: 36.1 mph

  • Water Resistance: None

  • Max Rider Weight: 330 lb

  • Weight: 72.0 lb

  • Tested Range: 26.0 mi

  • Tested Acceleration (0 to 15 mph): 2.5 seconds

The Zero 10X comes in three variants to cater to different customer needs. It stands out for its potent combination of range, speed, and sheer off-road pleasure. With both eco and turbo modes, it’s a versatile beast that lets you cruise comfortably at lower speeds or ramp up the adrenaline with full power.

Performance Summary


The dual 1000-watt brushless motors provide an aggressive acceleration that can easily push the scooter to the upper 30s in mph. The 23 Ah version hits 15 mph in just about 2.5 seconds. Talk about quick!

Hill Climb

With a test time of 8.8 seconds on a 200 ft, 10% grade hill climb, it's one of the best in its class and illustrates the scooter's excellent torque and power.

Top Speed

For those speed enthusiasts, the Zero 10X will not disappoint. The 23 Ah model we tested reached a top speed over 36 mph, which is nothing short of exhilarating.


On a single urban loop test, the Zero 10X boasted a very respectable 26 miles on its 23 Ah battery. That's ample for both fun and commuting purposes.


Equipped with dual hydraulic brakes that require little to no adjustments straight out of the box, the Zero 10X excels on the safety front. Its brakes are impressively powerful, bringing the scooter to a halt from 15 mph in 12.1 feet.

Ride Quality

With dual spring shock absorbers and large pneumatic tires, the 10X smooths out rough city roads and provides enough shock absorption to handle jumps and tough terrain. The well-damped and responsive ride means you can travel farther with less fatigue. Although it could use more damping for large bumps, it makes up for it with a significant reduction in stem noise and wobble.

Key elements of the commendable ride quality include:

  • Dual spring suspension

  • Massive 10-inch pneumatic tires

  • Improved stem welding to reduce wobble

  • Optional rugged clamp for additional stability

Build Quality

The build quality could be considered over-engineered, which is precisely what you want from a scooter that claims to be able to do it all. Every part, from the nuts and bolts to the swing arms, feels robust, and the overall quality assurance gives the rider a much-needed sense of security when traveling at high speeds or off-road.

Zero scooters are known for their modularity and customizability, and the 10X is no exception. With plenty of aftermarket upgrades and community support, this scooter can grow with your riding confidence and demands.


At 80 lbs, the Zero 10X is not the most portable electric scooter out there. The folding mechanism makes it easier to store, but it's not a scooter you'd want to lug around frequently.


The cockpit is clean, with ergonomic grips and a standard LCD showing vital stats. The trigger throttle might not be to everyone's liking, but it's efficient, and the overall layout is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


The Zero 10X comes with deck-mounted lights that are sufficient for being seen. However, for optimal night riding, investing in additional lighting would be wise.


As high performance electric scooters go, the Zero 10X checks many boxes, most notably in its ride quality and versatility. While the weight may put off those needing something more portable, the immense power, range, and overall riding pleasure it offers make it a serious contender in the high-performance electric scooter market.

For more information, to purchase, or to see alternatives, follow the links below:

For those looking for pure performance and a comfortable ride, the Zero 10X is well worth considering.

Update: Living with the Zero 10X After 6 Months

Having lived with the Zero 10X for over six months, I've had ample time to truly test its long-term capabilities and quirks. Here's a breakdown of the ongoing experience:

Longevity and Durability

The robust build of the Zero 10X continues to withstand daily use remarkably well. Its components remain stable and functional, although regular maintenance such as tightening bolts and adjusting the brakes is necessary to keep it in top shape.

Battery Health and Performance

The battery performance has remained consistent, with only a negligible decrease in range. This scooter’s ability to hold its charge, combined with the efficient power management system, ensures long-term usability.

Comfort and Practicality

The plush ride quality continues to impress, though the weight of the scooter can be cumbersome for frequent transporting or when faced with stairs. For purely local commuting or fun rides, it's exceptional.

Challenges and Solutions

One challenge has been the lack of water resistance, which restricts usability during rainy days. To mitigate this, I’ve taken precautions like avoiding puddles and storing the scooter indoors.

Owner Satisfaction

Overall, owning the Zero 10X has been largely satisfying. The thrill of its speed and power makes each ride exhilarating, and the comfort ensures that even longer rides are enjoyable.

Driving the Zero 10X has been a blend of excitement, practicality, and a couple of manageable challenges, reaffirming my initial impressions and proving it to be a worthwhile investment for any serious scooter enthusiast.

Rear Disc Brake



Miles Range

10 in Pneumatic

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