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Zero 2.0 Electric Scooter: A Balanced Review

Are you tired of gridlocked traffic and the cumbersome quest for parking spaces? The Zero 2.0 Electric Scooter emerges as a beacon of convenience in the urban transit landscape. But does this sleek, carbon fiber companion to your urban lifestyle live up to the hype? Let's find out.

Design & Build Quality

At a cursory glance, the Zero 2.0 is a paragon of modern scooter design with its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic reminiscent of Apple’s principles. It stands out with a frame constructed entirely of carbon fiber, not only ensuring durability but also bestowing it with a featherlight weight of just 6.4 kg. This portability allows you to effortlessly fold it up for storage or carry it onboard public transport.


  • Lightweight and portable carbon fiber construction

  • Minimalist and sophisticated design with hidden wires


  • The solid rear tire could affect ride comfort on bumpy surfaces

Performance & Handling

Understanding this vehicle’s performance starts by looking under the hood. The Zero 2.0 boasts a 450-watt motor capable of reaching a top speed of 25 km/h. The standard 5.2 Ah battery promises a range of about 15 km, while an upgrade to a 10.4 Ah battery extends this to approximately 25 km.

When it comes to handling, the Zero 2.0's small 5-inch wheels and lightweight frame contribute to its agility. However, these same features might present challenges when navigating uneven terrain where larger pneumatic tires would provide a more cushioned ride.


  • Smooth acceleration and decent torque

  • Good handling, especially in tight spaces


  • Reduced comfort over rough surfaces due to smaller wheels

  • Range could be limiting for longer commutes or recreational use


The Zero 2.0 scores high on portability, with its easy folding mechanism and compact size making it ideal for the last-mile commute or multi-modal transit. It’s simple to collapse with its base lever, transforming into a manageable package that can be tucked away in moments.


  • Extremely light build for easy portability

  • Fast and straightforward folding mechanism


  • May need supplementary transit if battery depletes mid-journey

Add-Ons & Features

Featuring both front and rear lights, it offers some peace of mind for those nighttime escapades. Incorporated into the design is an odometer and battery indicator, allowing riders to monitor their journey and manage their power consumption.


  • Integrated lighting system for better visibility

  • Physical and digital control features with built-in odometer and battery indicator


  • The low position of lights may not be optimal for certain conditions

User Feedback

What makes the Zero 2.0 particularly intriguing is how it has been received by the electric scooter community. Reviews boast about its ease of use and the joy it brings to their urban commutes. This e-scooter draws acclaim for its design that artfully marries form and function. However, some users note the limited range and advise prospective buyers to keep expectations for longer-distance usage in check.


  • Highly recommended by users for urban commutes and quick trips

  • Said to have a solid build and functional customization options


  • Some users reported shorter-than-expected range in real-world conditions

  • Potentially higher costs due to upgrades and accessories


In essence, the Zero 2.0 is a commendable solution for short urban trips and easily complements a public transit routine. Its construction and design reflect a thoughtful approach to the needs of modern city dwellers. Nonetheless, while the Zero 2.0 accelerates the convenience in your daily life, keep range considerations in mind.

For forward-thinking urbanites, the Zero 2.0 serves as a functional and stylish testament to the future of personal transportation. It’s a bold step into the realm of eco-friendly and congestion-reducing alternatives, representing a blend of recreation, function, and sustainable urban living.

Update: Long-Term Use Analysis

After more than six months of daily use, the Zero 2.0 Electric Scooter has further revealed its strengths and weaknesses. Here are some insights:

Durability and Maintenance

Through various weather conditions and regular use, the scooter has shown excellent durability, thanks largely to its carbon fiber build. However, the non-pneumatic tires, while never fearing a puncture, have shown signs of wear and could be more comfortable over long-term use on rough surfaces.

Battery Life and Range

The real-world application has put the battery to test, confirming that while the standard battery configuration serves well for short commutes, upgrading to the larger capacity is a must for those needing a more reliable range. Users have found the range can vary notably based on riding style and terrain.

Cost Efficiency

Over time, the savings on public transport and the negligible costs associated with charging the scooter, as opposed to fueling a car, have justified the initial investment for many users. Nonetheless, costs can creep up with the need for spare parts or potential upgrades.

User Experience

Consistently highlighted is the scooter's ease of use and portability, which remain its standout features and continue to satisfy most quick urban transit needs. However, discussions among frequent users suggest that an improved design with adjustable handlebars or seating options could broaden its appeal.

In summary, the Zero 2.0 remains a high-performance, stylish option for city dwellers. It's proven itself as a reliable companion for short urban trips, though potential buyers should keep in mind the comfort and range limitations when planning their use case scenarios.

Rear Disc Brake



Miles Range

5 in Solid Rubber

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