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Zero 10 Electric Scooter Review

When considering a new commuter companion or a thrilling weekend warrior, the Zero 10 electric scooter definitely piques interest. After numerous rides and hours spent analyzing every aspect of this energetic and robust scooter, I am prepared to dish out all the nuances that you, as a potential rider, need to know.

First Impressions

The Zero 10 arrives with an imposing stance. From the moment I laid eyes on its sleek, black, and red-trimmed frame, I knew it was designed with a clear focus on both aesthetics and performance. Assembly out of the box was a breeze, taking no more than a few minutes to get it road-ready.

Upon stepping on the solid deck for the first time, the stability is immediate. Even before powering on, the scooter feels planted, and the wide handlebars give a sense of real control. Sporting 10-inch pneumatic tires and a stout suspension system, it promised a level of comfort that I was eager to test.


With a powerful 1000W motor tucked into its structure, the Zero 10 doesn't just nudge forward — it leaps. The acceleration is snappy but manageable, and within moments I was cruising at speeds that have me whizzing past traditional push scooters and cyclists with ease. The manufacturer claims a top speed of up to 30 mph (48 km/h), and let me say, it's not an overstatement.

Climbing hills, often the nemesis of many electric scooters, is where the Zero 10 truly shines. Its torquey character meant that inclines which would slow down other scooters were tackled without a hitch, maintaining impressive upward speeds without the motor breaking a sweat.

The range is another standout feature. Equipped with an 18Ah battery, I was able to travel close to the 40-mile range under varied conditions, which is impressive. This kind of distance opens up the potential for more extensive commutes or adventurous ventures without the constant anxiety of finding the next charging spot.

Ride Comfort

Comfort, an area where many scooters falter, is deftly handled by the Zero 10. The suspension system — featuring a dual spring shock set up in the rear and a single spring in the front — absorbed the majority of road imperfections with little feedback to my hands and feet. Long rides didn't leave me feeling jolted or fatigued, a testament to its well-thought-out ergonomic design.

However, I did find that at full speeds, the scooter can become a bit jittery on anything but smooth surfaces. So while the suspension does an excellent job, potholes and rough roads will still require you to slow down a notch to maintain comfort.

Build Quality and Durability

Constructed with a sturdy aluminum alloy, the Zero 10 feels premium and well-constructed. Its parts fit together with precision, and there was no noticeable creak or flex even when pushed to its limits. The weight of the scooter, at around 52 pounds (24 kg), might be a bit much for some. Yet, it's this heft that also contributes to its stable and grounded feel on the road.

All components, from the robust folding mechanism to the quality of the disc brakes, are dependable. Throughout my use, I didn't encounter any mechanical snags. The brakes are another high note — they're responsive and bring the scooter to a stop quickly and effectively, which is crucial for safety in urban environments.

Additional Features

The Zero 10 doesn’t just perform well; it also packs in a few extra features that I found to be quite pleasant. The integrated LED display shows speed, distance, and battery life in a clear, easy-to-read manner even in direct sunlight. The side and rear lights were bright enough for nighttime visibility which added a sense of security during my evening rides.


To wrap up my experience, the Zero 10 is an electrifying performer with a sturdy build and an array of features that make it a top contender in its price range. It navigates urban sprawl with agility and can confidently take on longer journeys with its sizable battery range. It may be a bit on the heavier side, and not the best for portability, but what it lacks in lightness, it gains in performance and ride quality. If you're looking for a reliable electric scooter that can deliver excitement, comfort, and durability, the Zero 10 is undoubtedly a serious contender worth considering.

To anyone on the search for a high-quality, versatile electric scooter that prioritizes power, range, and road-commanding presence, I recommend taking the Zero 10 for a spin — it's an investment that could transform your daily commutes into exhilarating journeys.

Update After Over 6 Months of Use

After more than half a year with the Zero 10 electric scooter, my appreciation for its capabilities has only deepened. However, long-term use has also shone light on some aspects that new buyers might want to consider.

Continued Durability and Performance

The robust build of the Zero 10 has held up impressively under regular use. There's been minimal degradation in performance even after numerous charges and varying road conditions. The battery's longevity remains excellent, still hitting near the claimed range on a single charge.

Maintenance Insights

Like any mechanical device, the Zero 10 requires maintenance. I’ve found that checking on the tightness of screws and the condition of the tires before rides enhances safety and performance continuity. Occasional lubrication of moving parts and keeping the battery adequately charged when not in use continues to be crucial for optimum performance.

Real-World Nuances

Though formidable, the scooter isn't without its quirks. Its weight, which provides stability while riding, can be cumbersome when carrying it up stairs or lifting into a car. Additionally, the ride can get somewhat rough on uneven terrain; the suspension, though good, isn’t foolproof against all potholes or bumps.

Concluding Thoughts

The Zero 10 remains a top pick in my book for anyone looking for a reliable, powerful scooter. It's suited for both the adrenaline seeker and the urban commuter, offering a balance of speed, range, and build quality that is hard to match. My own extended experience suggests that with regular care, the Zero 10 can be a long-standing travel ally.

In summary, the Zero 10 proves to be more than just a good buy; it's a solid investment into your daily convenience and personal mobility — robust, reliable, and ready for just about anything you throw its way.




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