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YUME Y10 Electric Scooter Review


In today’s fast-paced world, the quest for a reliable, powerful, and efficient mode of personal transportation has never been more important. Enter the YUME Y10 Electric Scooter, a machine that promises a harmonious blend of speed, power, and utility. Let's delve into the details of what makes the YUME Y10 a contender in the crowded electric scooter marketplace.

Design and Build Quality

At first glance, the YUME Y10 commands attention with its robust and industrial design. It's built with a strong, aluminum frame aimed at durability and performance. The adjustable stem height caters to riders of different statures, and the expansive deck provides ample foot space, resulting in a comfortable stance during rides.

Performance and Handling

The heart of the YUME Y10 lies in its dual 1200W motors. Combined, these give the scooter a peak output of 2400W, allowing for exhilarating acceleration and a top speed of up to 40 mph. Such power ensures that even steeper inclines become manageable.

Speed and Range

Sporting a 52V 23.4Ah lithium battery, the Y10 delivers on the promise of range as well as speed. A full charge can take you up to 40 miles, depending on riding conditions and weight load. Dual charging ports underscore the practicality, enabling quicker charge times and less downtime.

Suspension System

The suspension system is formidable, integrating dual extra-large oil shock absorbers in a fork setup at the front and a 125mm spring suspension at the rear. This hybrid approach effectively absorbs shocks from uneven terrains, making for a smooth and stable ride across a variety of surfaces.


Equipped with 10-inch off-road tubeless tires, the Y10 can confidently tread on multiple terrains, offering the traction needed for both urban commuting and off-roading adventures. Durability is apparent, as these tires have been designed to withstand extensive use.


Safety is paramount, and the YUME Y10 understands this with its front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. These offer superior stopping power, a critical feature for a scooter capable of reaching the speeds that the Y10 does. Feel secure knowing that the scooter will respond reliably when you need it to stop quickly.

Lighting and Visibility

The Y10 doesn't fall short when it comes to visibility. The dual "Angel Eyes" headlights provide adequate illumination for night rides, supplemented by rear riding and brake lights, including bright turn signal lights for added safety and communication on the road.


Despite its substantial build, the Y10 maintains practicality with a simple and effective folding mechanism. Within seconds, the scooter can be compacted for storage or placed into a vehicle, simplifying transportation needs.

Additional Features

  • The full-color display and controller allow for navigation through 3 speed modes with single/dual motor options, increasing the scooter's versatility in power delivery and efficiency.

  • The inclusion of a powered USB slot in the controller is a thoughtful touch, allowing riders to keep their devices charged on the go.


The YUME Y10 impressively ticks the boxes for speed enthusiasts and commuters alike. However, its weight might be a consideration for those who prioritize lightweight portability. Additionally, the aesthetic, while striking, may not appeal to riders seeking a more refined or sleek look.

As with any scooter in its class, I recommend adhering to local regulations and wearing appropriate safety gear. For the eco-conscious urbanite who desires a robust, versatile scooter capable of rising to the challenges of both city streets and backcountry trails, the YUME Y10 offers a compelling argument.

Final Thoughts

With an attractive price point considering its features, the YUME Y10 stands out amidst its competition. It combines raw power with practical design choices resulting in an electric scooter that's as fun to ride as it is dependable. Whether for a daily commute or a weekend adventure, the Y10 could be your electric companion that doesn't disappoint.

Update After 6 Months of Ownership

Experience and Longevity

After more than six months of consistently using the YUME Y10, I can affirm its robustness and reliability. The scooter has held up remarkably well under frequent use, emphasizing its build quality and durability. The battery life has remained stable, showing only minimal degradation, which is common in lithium batteries under regular use.

Maintenance and Customer Service

The YUME Y10 has required minimal maintenance outside of the standard checks and tire pressures adjustments. However, there was an incident where I needed replacement parts due to wear. I found YUME's customer service to be helpful, although the delivery of parts took longer than expected. This could be a consideration for those requiring quick fixes.

Real-World Usage

In day-to-day usage, the Y10 continues to perform splendidly. It handles city streets and light off-road conditions with ease. However, in wet conditions, the traction on smooth surfaces can be tricky, and extra care is needed due to the power this scooter wields.


Overall, the YUME Y10 remains a top performer in its class. It's a great fit for someone who values power and range in an electric scooter. The weight and size might still be a drawback for those needing something more portable or for multi-modal commutes. Nonetheless, for pure thrill-seekers and long-distance riders, it's a compelling choice that has proven its worth over time.

Rear Disc Brake



Miles Range

10 in Pneumatic

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