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YUME D5 Electric Scooter Review: A Formidable Powerhouse on Two Wheels

Electric scooters have been swiftly gaining popularity as an alternative means of urban transportation. Among the various models on the market, the YUME D5 stands out as a formidable powerhouse that combines speed, power, and portability. Today, we're diving into what makes the YUME D5 electric scooter a brilliant choice for thrill-seekers and last-mile commuters alike.

Design and Build Quality

The YUME D5 electric scooter sports a robust build, designed to withstand the rigors of both city streets and off-road paths. The frame is constructed from durable aluminum, ensuring a solid ride with ample support for riders weighing up to 264 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Dual 1200W Motors: The D5 comes equipped with twin motors, delivering a combined 2400W of power. This translates into rapid acceleration and the ability to tackle slopes with ease.

  • 52V 23.4Ah Battery: Coupled with a high-capacity battery, the D5 promises a range of up to 40 miles on a single charge, situating it comfortably amongst top-performing electric scooters for distance.

  • Top Speed: Riders can reach exhilarating speeds of up to 40 MPH, placing this scooter in the higher echelon for velocity enthusiasts.

  • 10" Off-Road Tires: A set of sizable off-road tires enhances stability and provides a sense of security regardless of the terrain.

Comfort and Riding Experience

Ride comfort is not something YUME has skimped on. The D5 features a quartet of front spring shock absorbers and one rear super spring shock absorber delivering an impressively smooth journey. Whether you're navigating the urban jungle or veering onto bumpier tracks, the suspension system does an admirable job of absorbing shocks.


Understanding the urban commuter's need for convenience, YUME has included a quick-folding mechanism in the D5's design. This feature is beyond practical, allowing for easy transportation and storage. While the scooter is on the heavier side at approximately 77 pounds, its folding capabilities somewhat mitigate the portability challenge.

Safety and Braking

Prioritizing rider safety, the D5 comes with hydraulic brakes that provide responsive and decisive stopping power. A multifunctional dashboard keeps you informed about the scooter's stats, and LED lighting accentuates visibility, which is crucial when riding at night or in low-light conditions.


Unleashing the full potential of the D5 is thrilling. Acceleration is seamless, reaching high speeds in a matter of seconds. The dual motor setup not only offers impressive speed but also boosts climbing capabilities, easily handling inclines that would challenge lesser scooters.

When it comes to range, the YUME D5 does not disappoint. The substantial battery life makes it a reliable companion for extended rides or multiple short trips without the constant worry of recharging.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Weight: At 77 pounds, the D5 is on the heavier end of the spectrum, which may not be ideal for those who frequently need to carry their scooter.

  • Charging Time: With great power comes the need for ample charging time. Expect to wait around 4-5 hours for a full charge.


The YUME D5 is not just another electric scooter; it's a statement piece. It speaks to the rider's desire for power, speed, and reliability. While it's not without its flaws, the positives undeniably overshadow them. For the adult looking for an exhilarating, durable, and versatile electric scooter, the YUME D5 is undoubtedly a top contender.

Perfect for thrill-seekers or daily commuters who don't mind a bit of extra weight for impressive power and range, the D5 stands ready to redefine your urban transportation. YUME has certainly set the bar high with this capable and exhilarating electric scooter.

Update: Six Months with the YUME D5

Having owned and extensively ridden the YUME D5 for over six months now, some additional insights have surfaced that potential buyers should consider.

Positive Attributes:

  • Durability: The robust build quality highlighted initially has lived up to its promise. The scooter has withstood daily commutes, occasional rough terrains, and several minor mishaps without compromising its performance.

  • Battery Consistency: Even after months of use, the battery maintains its integrity, reliably delivering close to its original range, which has been a significant plus point.

Negative Attributes:

  • Maintenance: Due to its intricate dual motor and sophisticated electronics, routine maintenance can be more complex and costly than typical scooters.

  • Weight Issue: The heavy weight, although manageable at first, has proven to be cumbersome over time, especially when carrying it upstairs or for longer periods.

  • Ride Comfort on Very Rough Terrains: While the YUME D5 handles moderately rough terrains smoothly, on particularly challenging off-road conditions, the ride can become somewhat uncomfortable, revealing limits to its shock absorption capabilities.

Overall, the YUME D5 continues to be an excellent high-power scooter choice for those who prize performance over portability and are ready to deal with its maintenance and weight for top-tier power and range. These six months have solidified its status not just as a purchase but as a valuable investment in convenient and fun urban mobility.

hydraulic brakes


Miles Range

10 in off-road pneumatic

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