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Valk Electric Scooter Review: Is It Worth Your Investment?

Discover if the Valk Electric Scooter is worth your investment. Read our comprehensive review on its features, performance, pros and cons. Learn more now!

Jun 30, 2024

Valk Electric Scooter Review: Is It Worth Your Investment?

If you're in the market for an electric scooter and considering the Valk Electric Scooter, you've come to the right place. In this comprehensive review, we'll delve into the key features, performance, pros, and cons of the Valk Electric Scooter. Additionally, we'll compare it with some remarkable alternatives available in the market, such as the Levy Electric Scooter.

Key Features

Design and Build Quality

The Valk Electric Scooter boasts a sleek, modern design with a focus on durability and stability. The frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, providing a lightweight yet sturdy structure. The deck is spacious enough for comfortable riding, even on longer commutes.


Equipped with a powerful motor, the Valk Electric Scooter delivers impressive acceleration and speed. It can reach speeds of up to 25 mph, making it suitable for both short city commutes and longer journeys.

Battery Life

One of the standout features of the Valk Electric Scooter is its long-lasting battery. On a full charge, you can expect to travel up to 40 miles, depending on terrain and riding conditions. The battery takes about 5 hours to fully charge, which is relatively quick compared to other models in this price range.

Safety Features

Safety is a top priority for Valk, and this scooter is no exception. It comes with dual braking systems, including a mechanical disk brake and an electric regenerative brake. Additionally, the scooter is equipped with bright LED lights for better visibility during night rides.

Pros and Cons


  • High Speed: Can reach up to 25 mph.

  • Long Range: Travel up to 40 miles on a single charge.

  • Durable Build: Made from high-quality aluminum alloy.

  • Safety Features: Dual braking system and LED lights.


  • Price: Slightly more expensive compared to other models in the same category.

  • Weight: Heavier than some competitors, making it less portable.

Alternatives to Consider

If the Valk Electric Scooter doesn't meet all your needs, there are several other options to consider:

  • Levy Electric Scooter: Known for its lightweight and removable battery, making it a convenient choice for urban commutes.

  • YUME D4+: Offers a robust performance with dual motors and excellent suspension.

  • Segway Ninebot F25E: A reliable option with great build quality and decent speed.

  • Zero 10 Pro: Known for its exceptional speed and long-range capabilities.

  • Razor Power Core E95: A budget-friendly option suitable for beginners and young riders.


The Valk Electric Scooter is a solid choice for those seeking a high-performance, durable, and safe electric scooter. While it may be priced slightly higher and is somewhat heavier, its range, speed, and safety features make it a worthwhile investment. However, if you are looking for alternatives, the Levy Electric Scooter, YUME D4+, and Segway Ninebot F25E are excellent options to consider.

Update - Year Later Insights

Over the past year, the Valk Electric Scooter has continued to garner positive feedback from users, especially in terms of its robust build quality and reliability over time. Latest user reports suggest that the scooter holds up well even under extensive use, maintaining performance levels close to what users experience when it is brand new. Additionally, there have been firmware upgrades that slightly improve battery management and efficiency, ensuring better longevity and slightly extended range under certain conditions. However, the weight still remains an issue for some users, particularly those who need to carry their scooters frequently. In light of emerging competitors and advancing technology, the Valk Electric Scooter still stands strong but it's advisable to explore updates or newer models if you're looking for enhanced features like smart connectivity and improved portability.

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