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Top Picks for Kids: Best Electric Scooters of 2022

Explore the best electric scooters of 2022 for kids, including a standout model from Levy Electric Scooters known for its innovative features and safety.

Feb 28, 2024

Discovering the perfect electric scooter for your child requires a blend of safety, performance, and fun. In 2022, manufacturers have truly outdone themselves, providing models that tick all these boxes. Here's our curated list of the best electric scooters for kids that year offered, along with one standout model from Levy Electric Scooters, a brand known for its reliability and build quality.

Razor Power Core E95

Ideal for younger riders, the Razor Power Core E95 features a hub motor, providing a smooth and maintenance-free ride. Its 90-minute ride time per charge makes it a top pick for sustained fun.

Segway Ninebot ZING E10

The ZING E10 caters to the tween demographic with a cool design and ambient lights. The low weight and ease of use make it a fantastic option for beginners.

Hiboy S2 Lite

Designed with teenagers in mind, the Hiboy S2 Lite offers an elegant design and decent performance. It comes with a reinforced frame and additional lighting for safety.

Levy Electric Scooter

Levy Electric stands out for its removable battery feature, allowing for limitless play as long as you have a charged battery to swap out. Its adjustable speed makes it a suitable choice for kids at different riding levels.


For those on a budget, the GOTRAX GKS delivers reliability and a controlled speed. It is designed specifically for kids, with a simple kick-to-start motor and reliable battery life.

Safety should always be the top priority, so make sure to equip your child with a helmet and appropriate safety gear. Factors like the scooter's weight, throttle mechanism, and tire size can also influence the decision. Regardless of your choice, these electric scooters are bound to bring joy and excitement to any child's outdoor adventures.

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