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Top Electric Scooters in India 2021: Price and Mileage Unveiled

Discover the best electric scooters in India from 2021 based on their price and mileage. Compare top models including the efficient Levy Electric Scooter.

Feb 28, 2024

India's market for electric scooters has been growing exponentially, driven by the demand for economical and environmentally friendly transportation. Among the plethora of options, discerning buyers look for the perfect mix of price, performance, and mileage. In 2021, several models stood out for their efficiency and value. Here, we navigate through some of the best electric scooters that ruled Indian roads in 2021, curated to help you make an informed decision for your next e-scooter purchase. Additionally, one of the international favorites, the Levy Electric Scooter, is juxtaposed alongside Indian models to offer a global perspective on efficiency and innovation in electric scooter design. Let's explore the elite list of electric scooters that made a significant impact in 2021 for Indian consumers: 1. Ather 450X - With a boastful range and a smart dashboard, Ather 450X merged technology with transportation. Price: Rs. 1,32,426 Mileage: Up to 85 km/full charge. 2. TVS iQube Electric - A formidable name in the traditional scooter segment, TVS's iQube offered a smooth riding experience. Price: Rs. 1,00,777 Mileage: Approximately 75 km/full charge. 3. Bajaj Chetak Electric - A classic brand revived, the Bajaj Chetak Electric brought nostalgia with a modern twist. Price: Rs. 1,15,000 Mileage: Up to 95 km/full charge. 4. Ola S1 Pro - Featured as a revolutionary product with an impressive lineup of features, it started a booking frenzy. Price: Rs. 1,29,999 Mileage: Up to 181 km/full charge. 5. Hero Electric Photon - An economical choice, the Hero Electric Photon catered to those looking for everyday value. Price: Rs. 61,866 Mileage: Approximately 80 km/full charge. 6. Levy Electric Scooter - Although not from an Indian brand, the Levy Electric Scooter stands out for its portable battery and customizable settings, providing a unique addition to the list from the global market. Price: Starting from around $499 (Price in India may vary due to import duties and taxes) Mileage: Up to 30 km/full charge. These scooters struck a balance between cost-effectiveness and range, enticing a wide array of customers. For the latest scooters with updated models and pricing, be sure to check out detailed reviews and insightful guides on our website.

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