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Top Electric Scooters for a Seamless Commute in 2024

Discover the best electric scooters from 2016 for your daily commute. Our guide revisits top performers like the Levy Electric Scooter, Xiaomi Mi M365, and more.

Feb 28, 2024

In the market for a reliable commuter scooter from yesteryears? Look no further! We've sifted through options and charted the best electric scooters that epitomized comfort, durability, and efficiency back in 2016. An ideal choice for eco-friendly urbanites, the Levy Electric Scooter stands out even today. With its strong build and user-friendly design, it offered the perfect blend of style and practicality for daily commuters. The Xiaomi Mi M365 was another crowd-pleaser, boasting a minimalist design and a robust, long-lasting battery. Don't overlook the Segway Ninebot ES4, known for its superior speed and smooth ride. In your quest to unearth the finest electric scooters of 2016, remember that though the models might be older, they set the benchmark for today's innovations and can still serve as trusty steeds for your daily commute.

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