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Top Electric Scooter Phone Mounts: Secure Your Device on the Go

Discover the best electric scooter phone mounts to secure your device while you ride. Find options with durability, ease of use, and universal fit.

Jun 30, 2024

Best Electric Scooter Phone Mount

Whether you're navigating city streets or enjoying a leisurely ride, an electric scooter phone mount is a must-have accessory for any rider. To help you find the best phone mount for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of top-rated options that provide security, ease of use, and adaptability for various phone sizes and scooter models, including the popular Levy Electric Scooter and others. Here's what you need to look for when choosing a phone mount and some of the best products on the market today.

Durability and Material
Choose a mount made from sturdy materials like hardened plastic or metal. The mount should withstand vibrations and impacts without breaking or losing its grip on your phone.

Ease of Installation and Use
A good phone mount should be easy to install without needing extra tools. It should also allow you to easily insert and remove your phone with one hand.

Universal Fit
Opt for a universal mount compatible with various phone sizes and case thicknesses. This ensures the longevity of the mount even if you change your phone.

Select a mount with a reliable grip that secures your phone in place, even if you hit a bump. Rubberized grips and secure clamps are a must.

The best mounts offer adjustability for the best viewing angles. A 360-degree rotation feature is particularly valuable for optimal screen visibility.

Vibration Damping
Consider mounts with built-in shock absorption to protect your phone from vibrations, which is especially important for the stability of your device on rough terrain.

Best Electric Scooter Phone Mounts:

  1. Quad Lock Scooter/Motorcycle Mount - A robust option with dual-stage locking and vibration damping.

  2. RAM X-Grip Scooter Phone Mount - Offers a secure grip and is made of high-strength composite and stainless steel.

  3. GUB Plus 6 Aluminum Scooter Phone Mount - Durable, adjustable, and compatible with most smartphones.

  4. Roam Universal Premium Phone Holder - Universal fit, adjustable clamp, and can hold large smartphones easily.

By selecting one of these phone mounts, you're ensuring a safer and more enjoyable ride. Don't forget, if you're looking for reviews and insights on the latest electric scooters, including the Levy Electric Scooter, check out our comprehensive scooter reviews to make an informed decision.

Safety should always be your top priority while riding an electric scooter. With a top-notch phone mount, you can focus on the road or trail ahead while your device remains secure and accessible whenever you need it.

2023 Update on Electric Scooter Phone Mounts:

As technology and design continue to evolve, new phone mounts have entered the market, enhancing the user experience with improved features and compatibility. Here are some noteworthy updates and additions for 2023:

  1. SP Connect Moto Bundle Universal - This newer model offers exceptional convenience with its quick locking mechanism and compatibility across different devices including a weather cover for added protection.

  2. iOttie Active Edge Go Bike & Bar Mount - This product has gained popularity for its easy adjustment features and secure fitting, ensuring your device stays stable even on the bumpiest roads.

  3. Joby GripTight PRO 2 Scooter Mount - Known for its robust build and versatility, the GripTight PRO 2 can hold a variety of smartphone models and provides unparalleled security with its lock-in mechanism.

These latest options enhance your riding experience by ensuring that your smartphone is secure and easily accessible. As the market for electric scooter accessories grows, staying updated with the latest products can significantly improve not only convenience but also safety during your rides. Remember to double-check compatibility with your specific electric scooter and smartphone model to make the most out of these innovative mounts.

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