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Top Electric Scooter Helmets of 2022: Safety Meets Style

Discover the best electric scooter helmets of 2022 that encompass safety, comfort, and style. Find the perfect helmet for your ride and safety tips.

May 14, 2024

When it comes to electric scooters, safety is paramount and selecting the right helmet is critical. In 2022, riders had a vast array of choices; however, a few stood out for their exceptional protection, comfort, and design. Below, we present the top electric scooter helmets of the year that struck the perfect balance between safety and style. Let's gear up and take a look at the helmets that kept riders safe throughout their urban commutes and adventurous rides alike.

Triple Eight Gotham Helmet

Versatile and stylish, the Triple Eight Gotham Helmet merges safety with a sleek, city-inspired look. With its patented Conehead EPS liner, it provided superior shock absorption while keeping a low profile.

Best Value: Levy LED Scooter Helmet

Combine style and safety with Levy Electric's Basecamp helmet line, with a timeless look and modern features. It has a built in, rechargeable LED light on the back, and comes in a nice matte Black and bright Blue for those who prefer something with stronger daytime visibility.

Nutcase Street Helmet

For riders wanting a splash of color in their gear, the Nutcase Street Helmet became the go-to. Its dual-certification for both bike and skate, made it a versatile choice for electric scooter enthusiasts. Plus, the magnetic buckle added to the convenience factor infinitely.

Giro Sutton MIPS Helmet

Featuring the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), the Giro Sutton MIPS Helmet was designed for those who place safety above all. With an added visor and reflective accents, it was as practical for day-to-day commutes as it was secure.

Bell Qualifier Helmet

A more full-faced option for higher-speed e-scooters, the Bell Qualifier Helmet offered robust protection and a wind-cheating aerodynamic design. It's a popular choice for performance-focused riders.

To complete your safety arsenal, always remember that a helmet is just a part of the equation. Ensure you suit up with the right gloves, elbow and knee pads, and high-visibility clothing, especially if you're cruising on a high-speed model like the Levy Electric Scooter. With the right gear, you're all set for a safe and thrilling ride!

Riders are always encouraged to check the latest reviews and safety ratings before making a purchase as models and technology continue to evolve each year.

2023 Update: Newest Innovations in Electric Scooter Helmets

As we move further into 2023, the advancements in helmet technology have continued to impress. Here are a few notable mentions that have set new standards for both safety and utility:

Smith Optics Signal MIPS Helmet

The Smith Optics Signal MIPS Helmet has made headlines this year for its integration of the MIPS technology, combined with a modern, aerodynamic design optimized for electric scooters. Its enhanced ventilation system and moisture-wicking capabilities guarantee comfort and coolness even during warmer days.

Lumos Ultra Smart Helmet

Technology meets convenience with the Lumos Ultra Smart Helmet. This helmet not only provides significant impact protection but also includes integrated LED lighting and turn signals, which can be controlled via a wireless remote, making it an excellent choice for urban riders looking for maximum visibility and safety.

Thousand Chapter MIPS Helmet

Following its popular heritage line, Thousand's Chapter MIPS Helmet has stepped up with even more safety features including MIPS technology. It also offers a secret PopLock for securing the helmet to your scooter, making it ideal for stop-and-go city rides where convenience is key.

Sena Smart Helmet

For tech enthusiasts, the Sena Smart Helmet comes with built-in speakers and a microphone, facilitating clear phone calls and music streaming without compromising on safety or comfort. Bluetooth connectivity ensures seamless pairing with your devices.

With these continual advancements, choosing the right helmet in 2023 means looking for one that not only meets safety certifications but also aligns with your specific riding needs and features preferences. Stay tuned for more updates and reviews on the latest in electric scooter accessories and safety gear.

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