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Top Budget-Friendly Electric Scooters: Best Picks Under $100

Looking for the best electric scooter under $100? Explore cost-effective accessories, second-hand options, and learn about budget-friendly Levy Scooters!

May 10, 2024

Discover Affordable Electric Scooter Options for Commuting and Fun

When it comes to finding an electric scooter without breaking the bank, it’s important to make smart choices. While there are limited options for electric scooters under $100, we'll explore the most cost-effective solutions and also touch on alternative options like affordable electric scooter accessories or second-hand scooters that could fit within your budget.

Budget Electric Scooter Accessories

If actual scooters below $100 are scarce, accessorizing a previously owned or second-hand scooter is a clever workaround. Consider the following add-ons to enhance your ride:

  • Safety gear: Helmets and lights are imperative for safe riding, especially at night.

  • Storage solutions: A handlebar bag or cargo net can add convenience.

  • Comfort upgrades: Seat attachments and grip tape can make longer rides more comfortable.

Second-Hand Scooter Deals

Opting for a used electric scooter is another route to stay within budget. Here's what to look out for:

  • Battery life: Confirm that the scooter’s battery holds a sufficient charge.

  • Condition: Inspect for wear and ensure that the scooter operates safely.

  • Model: Choose reputable brands for better quality and durability.

Levy Electric Scooter: A Noteworthy Mention

While a new Levy Electric Scooter may not fit in the under $100 category, they are known for their exceptional value and might be available second-hand within your budget. Keep an eye out for deals!


While a new electric scooter under $100 may be challenging to find, exploring accessory upgrades or the second-hand market can offer a feasible solution to glide into the electric scooter world. Remember to prioritize safety and quality, even when on a budget!

2023 Update: Affordable Electric Scooters and Emerging Trends

As we continue to track the market for affordable electric scooters, new models and trends have emerged in 2023 which further enhance the options available to budget-conscious consumers.

New Launches and Offers

While finding a new electric scooter under $100 remains a challenge, certain brands have launched promotional offers or smaller models that approach this price point during discount events. Pay attention to holiday sales and special promotions which can occasionally drop prices into this range.

Increased Focus on Sustainable and Refurbished Models

The push towards sustainability has seen an increase in the availability of refurbished scooters. These models, restored to a like-new condition by the manufacturers themselves, provide an excellent alternative, often available at significantly reduced prices.

Subscription Services

Subscription options for electric scooters are also becoming popular. These services allow users to rent scooters for a monthly fee, which can be an economical choice for those who do not need a scooter daily.

Community Recommendations and Reviews

Feedback from the community about low-cost scooters has become increasingly available through forums and dedicated e-scooter websites. Utilizing these resources to gather real user reviews can guide you to the best options within or close to your budget.

With these updates and the continuous development of electric scooters, staying informed and being flexible with your choices can help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of affordable e-mobility solutions. Remember, investing a little more initially in a reliable model or opting for a refurb can save costs on maintenance and replacements in the long run.

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