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In-depth Review of the Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter: Features, Performance, and Comparison

Read our comprehensive Pure Air Pro electric scooter review to discover its features, performance, pros, and cons. Find out how it stands against competitors.

Jun 30, 2024


The Pure Air Pro electric scooter has been making waves in the e-scooter market, and for good reason. Combining robust build quality, exceptional performance, and a sleek design, this scooter is a top pick for many riders. In this review, we'll delve into its features, performance, and how it stacks up against competitors.

Key Features

  • Battery Life: With a 37V 10.2Ah battery, the Pure Air Pro boasts a range of up to 37.3 miles on a single charge.

  • Motor Power: Equipped with a 500W motor, it speeds up to 15.5 mph.

  • Build Quality: Constructed with aviation-grade aluminum, it can support up to 265 lbs.

  • Water-Resistant: IP65 waterproof rating ensures durability in diverse weather conditions.

  • Braking System: Features a dual braking system with electronic and disc brakes for added safety.


The Pure Air Pro impresses with its smooth ride and powerful motor, which can tackle inclines up to 20 degrees. Its battery life is ample for daily commuting, and the fast-charging feature means you're back on the road quicker. The dual braking system is responsive, ensuring a safe ride even at top speeds.

User Experience

Most users appreciate the Pure Air Pro for its comfortable ride and durability. The spacious deck and adjustable handlebar height make it suitable for riders of various heights. However, some users note that the scooter's weight of 38.6 lbs can make it slightly cumbersome to carry over long distances.


Let's see how the Pure Air Pro stands in comparison to other popular electric scooters:

  • Levy Electric Scooter: The Levy offers a swappable battery feature, making it convenient for longer trips but has a lower top speed of 18 mph.

  • Xiaomi Mi 3 Lite: Known for its affordability and lightweight design, the Xiaomi Mi 3 Lite is ideal for beginners but lacks the robust build quality of the Pure Air Pro.

  • TurboAnt X7 Max: The TurboAnt X7 Max excels in battery life and speed, making it a close competitor. However, it falls short in terms of build quality and weight capacity.

Final Verdict

The Pure Air Pro is a well-rounded electric scooter suitable for both commuting and leisure rides. Its strong build, excellent motor power, and long battery life make it a reliable choice. While it may be on the heavier side, its performance and features more than make up for it.

Pros and Cons


  • Long battery life

  • Robust build quality

  • Excellent motor performance

  • Water-resistant

  • Dual braking system


  • Heavier than some competitors

  • Higher price point


In summary, the Pure Air Pro is a solid choice for those looking for a reliable, high-performance electric scooter. Whether you're a daily commuter or a weekend rider, this scooter offers something for everyone. Check out other detailed reviews on our site to find the perfect e-scooter for your needs!

2023 Update

Over the past year, the Pure Air Pro has continued to receive high marks in the electric scooter community. More recent models have seen incremental improvements that enhance user experience:

  • Battery Efficiency: Improvements have reportedly increased the range slightly, making it even more reliable for longer commutes.

  • Software Updates: The scooter now includes a more intuitive user interface through its digital display, improving ease of use and access to settings.

  • Enhanced Safety Features: New safety enhancements include better lighting and reflectors for increased visibility at night.

  • Sustainability Initiatives: In line with global trends towards more sustainable transportation options, Pure’s manufacturing processes have been updated to reduce the environmental impact.

While the core specifications remain similar, these updates ensure that the Pure Air Pro remains a competitive, future-proof choice for eco-conscious riders and urban commuters alike.

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