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In-Depth Hiboy S2 Max Electric Scooter Review: Features, Performance, and Comparison

Read our in-depth Hiboy S2 Max Electric Scooter review to explore its features, performance, and how it stacks up against competitors like the Levy Electric Scooter.

Jul 21, 2024

Overview of the Hiboy S2 Max Electric Scooter

The Hiboy S2 Max Electric Scooter is designed for urban commuters who prioritize portability and performance. With a robust build and impressive specifications, this scooter competes closely with some of the best models in its category. Let’s dive into the features and performance of the Hiboy S2 Max to determine if it’s the right choice for you.

Key Features

  • Motor and Speed: Equipped with a 500W motor, the Hiboy S2 Max boasts a top speed of 19 mph, making it suitable for city commutes.

  • Battery and Range: The scooter features a 48V 11.6Ah battery, providing up to 40 miles of range on a single charge.

  • Build Quality: Constructed with high-grade aluminum alloy, it offers durability and stability.

  • Braking System: Dual braking system with eABS and disc brakes ensures safe and responsive stopping power.

  • Suspension and Tires: 10-inch solid tires coupled with front and rear suspension provide a comfortable ride over various terrains.

  • Portability: It folds easily, making it a convenient option for carrying and storage.

  • Smart Features: Comes with an LED display, smartphone app connectivity, and cruise control for enhanced user experience.


The Hiboy S.2 Max stands out in terms of performance, thanks to its powerful motor and efficient battery. The acceleration is smooth, and the dual suspension offers a comfortable ride even on rough paths. The scooter’s braking system is reliable, providing quick and safe stops.

Pros and Cons


  • Impressive range of up to 40 miles

  • Strong and durable build quality

  • Comfortable ride with dual suspension

  • Advanced braking system

  • Easy to fold and carry


  • Heavier than some competitors

  • Solid tires might not be suitable for very rough terrains

Comparison with Other Scooters

When compared to other scooters in the market, the Hiboy S2 Max holds its ground remarkably well.

  • Levy Electric Scooter: While the Levy Electric Scooter offers a removable battery feature, the Hiboy S2 Max surpasses it with a longer range and better suspension.

  • Xiaomi Mi 3 Lite: The Xiaomi Mi 3 Lite is lighter and more portable, but the Hiboy S2 Max offers a superior range and motor power.

  • TurboAnt X7 Max: TurboAnt X7 Max is also a formidable contender with excellent features, but Hiboy S2 Max’s dual suspension gives it an edge in terms of ride comfort.

  • Segway Ninebot F25E: Both offer robust builds and smart features; however, the Hiboy S2 Max’s extended range and dual braking system make it a better option for longer commutes.


The Hiboy S2 Max Electric Sco +ooter is a fantastic choice for urban commuters seeking a blend of performance, comfort, and durability. Its long range, solid build, and advanced features make it a competitor worth considering with impressive specs and reliable performance.

Update as of 2023

As we approach 2023, the Hiboy S2 Max continues to maintain a strong position in the market for electric scooters. Recent user reviews suggest consistent satisfaction with its performance and reliability. Additionally, Hiboy has been proactive in addressing customer feedback, with recent updates including enhanced mobile app functionality for better user experience and incremental improvements in the folding mechanism to ensure even greater portability and ease of use.

Moreover, the market context has seen an increase in focus on sustainable and efficient urban transport solutions, which has kept the demand for high-quality electric scooters like the Hiboy S2 Max high. Events such as increased e-scooter regulations in urban areas and the expansion of bike lanes in many cities continue to influence consumer preferences towards vehicles like the Hiboy S2 Max that offer a balance of performance, safety, and eco-friendliness.

For potential buyers in 2023, the Hiboy S2 Max still represents a strong option, further supported by an active community of riders and continuous product support from Hiboy. Whether for daily commutes or leisuredom rides, the Hiboy S2 Max remains a top choice for those seeking a dependable and efficient electric scooter.

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