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Discovering the Best Electric Scooter in India for 2022: Expert Reviews & Prices

Explore the best electric scooters of 2022 in India! From the innovative Levy Electric Scooter to homegrown favorites, we’ve got reviews and prices for your needs.

May 15, 2024

The quest for the perfect electric scooter that blends performance, style, and affordability is a journey many Indian commuters undertake. 2022 saw a plethora of electric scooters hitting the market, but which ones truly stood out? Here's a closer look at the top electric scooters in India for 2022, providing you with a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the bustling streets with ease and confidence.

Top Picks for Electric Scooters in India - 2022

1. Levy Electric Scooter (Levy Plus)

Starting off the list is the Levy Electric Scooter. Known for its portability and efficient battery system, it allows for easy charging. Although a newcomer in the Indian market, the Levy Plus has gained popularity for its sleek design and dependable performance.

2. Okinawa PraisePro

This indigenous brand has made significant headway with its feature-rich scooter. With a smart digital dashboard and impressive range, the PraisePro stands out in its category.


YADEA's entry into the Indian market offers a stylish and eco-friendly ride. The YD-EM194 is lauded for its robust build and extended battery life, perfect for longer commutes.

4. Hero Electric Optima

The Hero Electric Optima continues to be a favorite for its affordability and reliable performance. It caters to a wide audience looking for an eco-friendly alternative for daily commuting.

5. Ather 450X

The Ather 450X garners attention with its swift acceleration and futuristic design. It’s not just a scooter; it's a smart vehicle equipped with a touchscreen dashboard and multiple ride modes.

Pricing and Value for Money

With the rising interest in eco-friendly transportation, the cost remains a key factor for many buyers. The Levy Plus Electric Scooter can be a great value for money option for those seeking an optimal blend of price and features. It's vital to consider after-sales service, battery replacement costs, and charging options when evaluating the price.


The electric scooter segment in India is booming, and 2022 had its fair share of notable releases. Whether you prioritize speed, style, or sustainability, there's an electric scooter that fits the bill. Remember to research, take test rides, and compare prices to find the scooter that will best suit your daily needs and budget constraints.

Stay tuned to our website for the latest electric scooter reviews, and let us guide you to your perfect ride through the bustling roads of India.

Update 2023: The Changing Landscape of Electric Scooters in India

As 2023 unfolds, the electric scooter market in India continues to evolve with new models, improved technologies, and more competitive pricing. With an increased emphasis on sustainability and local production incentives, here are some key developments influencing the electric scooter scene:

New Models and Upgrades

Manufacturers like TVS and Bajaj have strengthened their portfolios with new models such as the TVS iQube Electric and Bajaj Chetak Electric, which feature enhanced battery life and more dynamic designs. The entry of global players like Segway into the Indian market also brings more choices for consumers.

Enhanced Battery Technology

Advancements in battery technology have allowed newer models to offer better range and reduced charging times. For instance, the updated Ather 450X now features an improved battery system leading to a 10% increase in its mileage per charge.

Government Incentives

With the government rolling out additional subsidies and benefits under FAME II (Faster Adoption and Manufacture of Electric Vehicles) scheme, owning an electric scooter is becoming more advantageous. This has led to a reduction in the overall cost of ownership and spurred a growth in electric scooter sales.

As we progress further into 2023, it is clear that the options for potential electric scooter owners are expanding, and the push towards a greener commuting solution is stronger than ever. As always, ensure to stay informed with up-to-date reviews and expert guidance to choose the electric scooter that best fits your lifestyle and commuting needs. Stay green and ride clean!

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