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Top 5 Lightest Electric Scooters of 2024

Electric scooters are transforming urban transportation, providing a sustainable, efficient, and enjoyable way to traverse city streets. This year, numerous models have captivated users with their outstanding features and performance. Here’s an in-depth guide to the top 5 electric scooters of 2024.

1. Levy Light by Levy Electric

Overview: The Levy Light leads the pack with its ultra-lightweight frame and robust motor, offering agility and excitement in urban commuting. It's designed with a removable battery system, enhancing convenience for charging anywhere, which makes it especially suitable for city living.


  • Portable and Lightweight: Effortlessly folds for transport and storage.

  • Removable Battery: Allows for quick battery swaps, extending potential range.

  • Durable Design: Constructed with aviation-grade aluminum, featuring a secure safety lock mechanism.

  • Performance: Climbs hills up to 10 degrees and reaches speeds of 18 mph.

  • Safety Features: Equipped with bright LED lights, a fireproof battery case, and IP54 waterproof rating.


  • Limited Range: 10-mile standard range may require frequent recharges or an extra battery.

  • Ride Comfort: Absence of suspension can be challenging on rough terrains.

2. Unagi Model One

Overview: Known for its sleek design and dual motor configuration, the Unagi Model One combines high-quality materials like magnesium and carbon fiber for a lightweight yet sturdy build.


  • Dual Motor Configuration: Ensures a smooth, powerful ride.

  • Lightweight Materials: Magnesium and carbon fiber construction.

  • Advanced Tire Design: Offers superior traction and comfort.


  • Price: On the pricier side due to premium materials.

  • Battery Life: Could be enhanced for longer commutes.

3. Niu Carbon

Overview: Niu Carbon stands out with its integration of advanced technology, featuring a brushless motor and long-lasting battery, coupled with smart features like GPS tracking and app connectivity.


  • Tech-Integrated: Appeals to tech enthusiasts with GPS and app features.

  • Strong Motor and Battery: Provides reliable power and range.


  • Weight: Heavier build, impacting portability.

  • Cost: High-tech features come at a higher cost.

4. Uscooter Booster GT

Overview: The Uscooter Booster GT is notable for its power and portability, packing a strong motor into a compact frame that is ideal for the urban commuter.


  • Strong Motor: Handles inclines and longer distances with ease.

  • Ultra-Portable: Lightweight and easily foldable for mixed commuting.


  • Battery Life: May require frequent charging.

  • Comfort: Compact size may affect comfort on longer rides.

5. Razor EcoSmart Metro HD

Overview: The Razor EcoSmart Metro HD offers a unique design with a wide bamboo deck and seat, combining the feel of a bicycle with the compact form of a scooter.


  • Comfortable Ride: Bicycle-like comfort with scooter agility.

  • Eco-Friendly Design: Attracts environmentally conscious riders.


  • Size and Weight: Bulkier and heavier, less ideal for carrying.

  • Speed and Agility: Better suited for leisurely rides rather than speedy commutes.


These five electric scooters cater to various preferences, from advanced technology and sleek designs to comfort and environmental friendliness. The Levy Light tops our list with its exceptional balance of portability, performance, and innovative features like its swappable battery system. As the electric scooter market evolves, these models are not just modes of transport but lifestyle choices that promote more sustainable urban mobility.

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